Cattle (Bovine) health topics

  • Bovine Virus Neutralization (VN) tests are back! Virus Neutralization (VN) testing is a vital tool in bovine health diagnostics. It enables the identification of antibodies against specific viruses in cattle serum.
  • Diagnosis and official regulatory testing for bovine trichomoniasis in Washington Bovine venereal trichomoniasis is caused by Tritrichomonas foetus, a flagellate protozoan parasite. T. foetus lives in the reproductive tracts of bulls and cows and has worldwide distribution. Confirmation of trichomoniasis requires demonstration of T. foetus parasites by laboratory testing, which is offered by WADDL.
  • Diagnosis and testing for malignant catarrhal fever (MCF) Malignant catarrhal fever (MCF) is a frequently fatal disease syndrome primarily of certain ruminant species (e.g. cattle, bison, deer), caused by one of several herpesviruses. Learn more about the disease, diagnosis, and testing at WADDL.
  • Bovine viral diarrhea virus persistent infection (BVD-PI) Ear Notch Testing Program for Cattle Herds Bovine virus diarrhea virus (BVDV) infection in cattle herds can result in major economic loss from poor reproductive performance (reduced percent pregnant, increased abortion, and stillbirth) or poor calf performance (increased calf sickness and death loss). Learn more about the disease and testing with WADDL.
  • Abortion diagnosis Maintenance of a profitable livestock industry depends upon efficient animal reproduction. Diseases that interrupt pregnancy are costly, and control measures cannot be devised until the cause for the reproductive loss is accurately identified.
  • Strategies for Johne’s disease testing Johne’s disease is a contagious, chronic, and usually fatal infection that affects primarily the small intestine of ruminants. WADDL offers a PCR test to detect the disease.