Packing guidelines

Samples must be packaged using a primary container for the specimen, a secondary leak-proof container enclosing the primary container, and a rigid outer container with shipping and return address labels.

Step 1. Primary container

  • Place samples in a leak proof primary container
    • Primary container examples:
      • Sterile, leak proof tube (e.g., red top tube) for fluids and blood
      • Properly sealed wide-mouth, break-resistant (not glass) bottles or Whirl-Pak®
  • Label primary container
    • Label each primary containers with client name, animal name or other identifying information, and sample type (e.g., feces, uterine swab, etc.).
  • Syringes with needles attached will be discarded upon receipt

Step 2.  Secondary container

Place absorbent material in secondary container

  • Primary container examples:
      • A plastic jar surrounding a glass redtop tube
      • A sealed Ziploc® or other sealable sandwich bag holding a Whirl-Pak®
      • Styrofoam/insulated insert holding screwcap jars containing feces. 
  • Cold packs
    • If sample needs to be shipped cold, use ice gel packs (not ice cubes) in an insulated container.

Step 3. Submission Form

  • Place the completed submission form in a separate Ziploc® or other sealable sandwich bag.

Step 4.  Outer shipping container and labeling

  • Place secondary container(s), the completed submission form, cold pack (if applicable) into a rigid shipping container that can withstand transport such a rigid cardboard box, plastic cooler, or padded envelope.
  • Label with shipping address and return address (see our shipping guidelines for more information including our UPS discounted shipping program).
  • Write the order reference number on the shipping label.


US Postal Service

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Washington State University
P.O. Box 647034
Pullman WA 99164-7034

UPS/FedEx/FedEx Air

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Washington State University
1940 SE Olympia Ave
Pullman WA 99164-7034

Puyallup branch

Avian Health Food Safety Lab
2607 W Pioneer
Puyallup WA 98371-4990