Submit a sample

Once you have found your test, select the test to see specimen sample requirements. After your order is submitted, you may log in at any time to view the status of your order, ensure it was received, and view or print results.

Are you a new client? Create an online account to purchase tests and access your results. You will receive an email with a link to log into the online client portal.

Step 1. Fill out an online submission form

  • Save and print the online submission form.
  • Include the completed online submission form with the sample(s).
    • Online submissions through the client portal are preferred, but if you would like to use a paper form, please visit our forms and permits page. (you can make a forms page to link to that is blank and we’ll add the PDFs when we get them)
    • For trichomoniasis and brucellosis testing, please include the official regulatory form with your samples or email the form to
  • A thorough clinical history and contact information is critical to accurate testing and test interpretation. Please complete the following information when submitting a case. Incomplete submissions or mislabeled samples may cause a delay in testing and results. 
    • Label all samples with:
      • Client and animal information
      • Type and location of sample (feces, small intestine, uterine swab)
    • Completely fill out accession form including:
      • Contact information for client and veterinarian
      • Signalment (age, species, breed and sex)
      • Clinical signs and duration
      • Location of sample site
      • Treatments associated with case
      • If possible, specify the test(s) you want done, and the disease process or pathogens you suspect

Step 2. Package your sample for shipping

See our packing guidelines

WADDL offers shippers with supplies to maintain specimen integrity and safe transportation of your diagnostic specimen to our laboratory. The shipper also meets or exceeds the safety requirements for shipping biological samples via the U.S. Postal Service and air courier (UPS and FedEx) requirements. For ordering information, please visit WADDL Shipper.

Step 3. Mail samples

See our shipping guidelines.

Step 4. View testing status and results

  • Log in to the online client portal to see the status of your order, confirm the sample arrived, and view test results.

How to submit a sample online

Standard submission

Necropsy submission