Important Avian Influenza links

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Detections in Livestock | Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ( Avian influenza continues to be detected in Washington State. See our Avian Influenza FAQ for more information. Avian Influenza | Washington State Department of Agriculture Avian Influenza: An Update for Veterinarians

Red hens in a field.

WADDL is now offering submission shippers!

WADDL is pleased to announce that we are now offering shippers with supplies to maintain specimen integrity and for safe transportation of your diagnostic specimen to our laboratory.

Expanded companion animal serology testing services

We are excited to announce the expansion of our testing services to include an array of Virus Neutralization (VN) and Indirect Immunofluorescence (IFA) serology tests for companion animals. These tests are essential for assessing the immunity status of your beloved pets, ensuring their overall health and well-being. We now offer a comprehensive selection of VN […]

Aquatic health section updates

New Accession Form & Aquatic Health Certificate Fee Please check out the new Aquatic Health Accession Form that is now available on our website. It has been updated to more clearly document submitted specimens and now has options to choose different billing and reporting recipients. In addition, there is a new box at the top […]

Surgical biopsy price restructure – Formalin jars available

Effective May 1, 2023, we will begin charging $35 for each additional biopsy sample from different locations on the same animal, except for multiple punch biopsies as explained below.  For example, a skin mass from the head, with an additional skin mass from the leg and a subcutaneous mass from the abdomen from the same […]

WADDL now offering Rabies Testing

The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) is now offering rabies diagnostic testing using both molecular (PCR) and direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) testing methods. Rabies is a fatal viral disease that infects the central nervous system in both people and animals.  Exposure to the rabies virus is commonly through bites from an infected animal. In […]

Update on necropsies at WADDL Puyallup (AHFSL) and Saturday shipment charges

Temporarily, WADDL Puyallup (Avian Health & Food Safety Laboratory) does not have a pathologist on site to perform necropsies at our location.  During this time, we will send our clients’ birds and rabbits to the board certified veterinary pathologist at the WADDL Pullman laboratory for this service.  During normal weekday operations from Monday to Thursday, […]

New Client Portal available 7/11/22

WADDL-Puyallup (AHFSL) transitioned to new laboratory information management system on Monday, July 11, 2022. The new LIMS, CoreOne for Labs, will add more functionality to the WADDL-Puyallup (AHFSL) online portal. Clients will be able to Create and track submissions View test statuses Access reports View invoices and account balances Easily pay online through a secure […]