Partial Price Increase February 1, 2023

We will be increasing prices for our many of our microbiology tests on February 1, 2023.  Our PCR and Necropsy prices are staying the same.  As you are aware, supply and labor costs have continued to increase this past year and the new prices reflect those changes. We continue to look for new suppliers and […]

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IFA Testing returns to WADDL

Effective 2/1/23, WADDL will once again offer IFA testing for: Canine Coronavirus IgG Canine Distemper IgG Canine Distemper IgM Canine Parvovirus IgG Canine Parvovirus IgM Feline Panleukopenia Feline Coronavirus Neospora Toxoplasmosis For the past year, we have been sending IFA test requests to other American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) accredited laboratories for testing […]

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Important Avian Influenza links

Avian influenza continues to be detected in Washington State. See our Avian Influenza FAQ for more information. Avian Influenza | Washington State Department of Agriculture

Brucella Canis Serology Test Discontinued

The Rapid Slide Agglutination Test (RSAT) is no longer available from the manufacturer. WADDL recommends shipping the canine serum or red top tube directly to the diagnostic lab at Cornell University. We continue to look for a suitable replacement assay and will update when one becomes available.

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Update on necropsies at WADDL Puyallup (AHFSL) and Saturday shipment charges

Temporarily, WADDL Puyallup (Avian Health & Food Safety Laboratory) does not have a pathologist on site to perform necropsies at our location.  During this time, we will send our clients’ birds and rabbits to the board certified veterinary pathologist at the WADDL Pullman laboratory for this service.  During normal weekday operations from Monday to Thursday, […]

New Client Portal available 7/11/22

WADDL-Puyallup (AHFSL) transitioned to new laboratory information management system on Monday, July 11, 2022. The new LIMS, CoreOne for Labs, will add more functionality to the WADDL-Puyallup (AHFSL) online portal. Clients will be able to Create and track submissions View test statuses Access reports View invoices and account balances Easily pay online through a secure […]