Q&A with microbiology student Jazmyne Jackson

Microbiology student Jazmyne Jackson is shown in a lab at WSU.

Microbiology student Jazmyne Jackson wants to be a medical laboratory scientist when she leaves #WSUVetMed in May. It’s a career she never anticipated, until she took Microbiology 101. Jazmyne is majoring in microbiology and wants to work in a hospital after she graduates, but she hopes to eventually get enough experience to be a traveling medical laboratory scientist and earn a certificate in phlebotomy. Now working inside the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Jazmyne screens for Myxobolus cerebralis, a parasite that lives in the bone and cartilage of fish.

Where are you from?

I am a military child and have lived in a few places. I was born in Texas and moved to Washington when I was 7. We moved to Whidbey Island (where I consider myself from), and I graduated from Oak Harbor High School.

How has WSU prepared you for your future?

WSU has prepared me for my future by teaching me self-discipline, time management, and professionalism.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I enjoy reading when I can make time for it. I like that it’s like watching TV in your head while expanding my vocabulary. I also enjoy cooking and the satisfaction of cooking a great meal – I think more people should experiment in the kitchen and see what they can come up with.

What’s your favorite thing about WSU?

My favorite thing about WSU is the ability to go to another city or state and see someone in Coug gear, and there is an instant understanding and connection of knowing the atmosphere of attending school here. We are a small community, and I don’t realize it much until I visit other cities with larger colleges and everyone is wearing their gear.

What’s your favorite course you’ve taken at WSU?

My favorite course I have taken at WSU was Microbiology 101 with Concetta Helmick. This was the course that ultimately made me change my major and put me on the career path I’m on today.

What’s a unique fun fact about you?

I own over 250 books, and that’s me being modest. I probably have more than that including the ones on my Kindle.

What are your career goals? 

I would like to be a medical laboratory scientist (MLS) with a certificate in phlebotomy. After I gain experience in a hospital, I want to become a traveling MLS and work all over the country.

What’s one of your favorite things?

Food! I love eating and trying new foods. I always say I’ll try (almost) everything once.

Do you have a job or work in a lab?

I recently was hired as a lab assistant in the aquaculture lab at WADDL. I also hold a position as a facility manager and a Student Employee Advisory Council member at University Recreation.