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The Parasitology Lab at WADDL is a full-service diagnostic laboratory offering testing for the detection of parasitic infections in domestic and wild animals. We provide accurate identification in a timely and cost-efficient manner benefiting animals, owners, veterinarians and researchers. WADDL offers the following tests for identification of parasites:

  • Quantitative centrifugation floatation for the detection of parasite ova, oocysts, and cysts.
  • Baermann technique for the recovery and identification of nematode larvae.
  • Sedimentation technique for the recovery and identification of parasite ova.
  • Identification of ectoparasites and larval stages.
  • Tritrichomonas foetus culture.
  • Detection of Giardia by rapid enzyme immunoassay.

Samples accepted for examination include feces, urine, tracheal washes, skin scrapings, and entire endo- and ectoparasites.

For a list of parasitology testing please see our Web Test Search Tool