Fecal Specimens

Specimens should be submitted in individual sealed containers labeled with owner's name, animal species, and animal number/name. Whirl Pak bags, Ziplock bags (double bagged), or plastic containers are recommended. 

Feces must be fresh for accurate results. Refrigerate fecal sample immediately after collection but do not freeze. Submit sample to the laboratory as soon as possible in a container with blue ice via any of the 24 to 48 hour transport services. 

Fecal Samples for the detection of protozoans (Cryptosporidium spp., coccidia, Giardiaspp.) should be submitted to the laboratory immediately after collection.

Skin Scrapings

  1. Samples should be submitted on slides with sealed coverslips or in containers in 10% glycerin alcohol, labeled with owner's name and animal number.
  2. The slide method is preferred since it is often difficult to recover parasites from containers or envelopes, etc.
  1. Helminths, adult or immature, should be placed in vials in 10% formalin and properly labeled. If formalin is not available, 70% isopropyl alcohol may be used.
  2. External parasites should be submitted in 70% isopropyl alcohol.