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WADDL, Washington State’s only AAVLD accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratory, provides high quality laboratory testing for animal diseases and food safety. Tests can be searched easily by keyword(s) or visit the other tabs to search for panels, our different laboratory sections or to view a brochure that lists our tests.

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In-State Fee Brochures

(non-Washington samples will be assessed a 50% surcharge)

    WADDL (effective 2/15/2021) (Pullman laboratory)
    AHFSL (effective 1/1/2019) (Puyallup Branch laboratory)

  1. It is strongly recommended that a veterinarian be involved in any submission as WADDL does not provide treatment recommendations.
  2. Non-Washington samples will be assessed a 50% surcharge except where indicated.
  3. Client information provided to WADDL, and the test results from samples submitted to WADDL, will be treated as confidential information consistent with applicable legal standards. Such confidential information will not be released to third parties without consent of the client/ veterinarian of record except when required by law.
  4. WADDL reserves the right to send specimens to outside referral laboratories to perform testing not done at WADDL. Samples sent for analysis to outside labs are billed for any additional direct costs incurred plus a minimum $20.00 Handling fee (includes postage).
  5. “STAT” fees apply to testing requested outside of the routine testing schedule. Please contact WADDL in advance to arrange scheduling and fees.
  6. A fax, mail or online access is currently provided at no charge.
  7. Fees are subject to change without notice.
  8. Specimens submitted for examination may undergo additional diagnostic testing for state or federal disease surveillance programs, particularly involving foreign animal diseases. Such testing may require mandatory notification of state and/or federal regulatory authorities.
  9. Samples submitted to WADDL may be used for test development or other research related projects.

Please see General Policies before sending samples.