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   WADDL (effective 1/1/2019) (Pullman laboratory)
   AHFSL (effective 1/1/2019) (Puyallup Branch laboratory)

To use the Web Test Search Tool below, there are several ways to find tests:

test name -  BVD, CAE, CL, pregnancy, aerobic culture, MIC, biopsy, BKD, Tritrichomonas, fecal float, selenium, etc.
test panel - search for the keyword 'panel' to list all panels
test method -
ELISA, PCR, culture, IHC, etc.
species -  cow, goat, bird, dog, sheep, horse, cat, pig, etc.
testing section - bacteriology, serology, molecular diagnostics, parasitology, necropsy, histology, toxicology, virology, food
Laboratory - Pullman or Puyallup

The query will bring back testing information such as specimen needed, turnaround times, price, which lab runs the test, etc.  just fill in the blank below.


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