Test Results

WADDL, including the Pullman and Puyallup (AHFSL) Labs, have moved to a new Laboratory Information System on July 11, 2022 (AHFSL-Puyallup) and August 1, 2022 (Pullman).   Results for cases after the rollout dates will be available in our new system: CoreOne for Labs.

Transition to New Portal

Your existing email address that you used to access test results, invoices, and submissions in the old Portal has already been loaded into the new CoreOne Client Portal, but the password has not.  Follow the instructions below to sign in to the CoreOne Client Portal for the first time:

CoreOne Client Portal
Results produced after July 2022

WADDL Puyallup (AHFSL)
(old System)
Results produced before 7/10/22

WADDL Pullman
(old system)
Results produced before 8/1/22

If you have any questions, please call 509-335-9696.