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How is WSU OHD taking in human test samples? What is the process?

A: WSU is working in partnership with Incyte Diagnostics located in Spokane. Incyte serves as the medical partner and the initial intake source for all human test samples. Once acquired, Incyte will code the samples and ship them to the WSU One Health laboratory. There, anonymous processing will allow for more testing capacity and rapid turnaround as a state asset. WSU’s human testing capacity is in addition to its animal disease testing in the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL), ensuring that WSU continues to serve its stakeholders and clientele in animal agriculture and veterinary medicine.

How does the WSU OHD and Incyte partnership work?

A: This partnership provides laboratory SARS-CoV-2 virus testing, the causative agent for the COVID-19 pandemic. This new testing site was established at the request of the Washington State Department of Health to WADDL and will serve as a regional hub for surge capacity testing in alignment with Incyte Diagnostics to address human health needs.  Both WSU One Health Diagnostics and Incyte Diagnostics have state and federal certified and licensed quality assurance / quality control programs for medical laboratory testing.

Under this unique partnership, WSU One Health Diagnostics is responsible for actual laboratory testing of samples, while Incyte is responsible for collection of human samples and medical information as well as reporting of test results and billing patients or third-party payors. At the same time, WADDL retains its full capability in its primary mission to serve the agricultural sector with important, timely disease diagnostics.

How can I get tested?

WSU One Health Diagnostics does not conduct sampling or provide tests directly to the general public. WSU One Health Diagnostics processes secured samples received from Incyte Diagnostics. COVID–19 testing is available upon request by a personal physician and must be received through Incyte Diagnostics. Please make all inquiries for COVID–19 testing to your physician.

How long will it take to process human test samples?

A: Once received at the WSU laboratory, the team has the ability to process up to 300 tests per day with an anticipated increased capacity of up to 2,000 samples per day.  The standard turnaround time for tests is 24-48 hours.

What happens if you have positive tests?

A: All test results are securely conveyed to Incyte who will then report to the referring physician and all federal, state and county public health agencies. Positive results will trigger the health agency involved to embark on contact tracing as required by government regulations.

What will you do with the information gathered from the tests?

A: All test information is securely conveyed to Incyte and then reported to the ordering physician and appropriate federal, state and county public health regulatory agencies. Patient information and records are considered confidential and maintained in accordance with applicable laws.

Is human testing laboratory combined with the animal testing?

A: No human testing for COVID 19 is combined with routine WADDL animal testing. The WSU One Health Diagnostics operates independently within WADDL.  The WSU One Health Diagnostics expansion within WADDL required the employment of seven additional personnel, and the acquisition of additional equipment dedicated to human SARS-CoV-2 testing. This allowed WADDL’s responsibilities to the agricultural sector and national disease control efforts to be unaffected by this additional laboratory capacity and capability.

How long will the testing continue?

A:  WSU One Health Diagnostics in partnership with Incyte will remain in service to the State of Washington as long as necessary to recover from the current COVID-19 pandemic. WADDL, with decades of laboratory testing and disease surveillance experience as a fully accredited laboratory with the ability to ramp up high throughput testing capacity, will continue to support the state and serve the greater public health of Washington state and the region indefinitely.

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