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WSU One Health Diagnostics is in partnership with Incyte Diagnostics to provide laboratory testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent for COVID-19 in humans.

This new testing site was established at the request of the Washington State Department of Health and will serve initially as a regional hub for surge capacity testing in alignment with Incyte Diagnostics to address human health needs.

Utilizing the experience and expertise of the well-established Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) the WSU One Health Diagnostics is a state asset that provides rapid turnaround, surge capacity testing for the Palouse and beyond.

This new diagnostics effort will not interfere with the capability and ongoing testing and commerce functions of WADDL, providing two separate and fully operational PCR and antibody testing labs with a long history of laboratory accreditation and quality assurance.

WSU One Health Diagnostics is established to provide decades of testing experience, ability to ramp up testing capacity, and disease surveillance expertise to support the state and serve the greater public health in this time of need.

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WSU One Health Diagnostics testing information

WSU One Health Diagnostics does not conduct sampling or provide tests directly to the general public. WSU One Health Diagnostics processes secured samples received from Incyte Diagnostics. COVID–19 testing is available upon request by a personal physician and must be received through Incyte Diagnostics.