WADDL Disposal Policy and Submission Instructions

Effective November 1, 2019 

WADDL Disposal Fee Policy:

WADDL does not accept bodies for disposal only.

Disposal fees will be included in the necropsy fee. 

  •  For Dogs & Cats: Submitters have the option of choosing Private Cremation with the Animal Clinic & Hospital or Group Cremation provided through WADDL.
  • Facilitation of Outside Private Cremation Services: WADDL will continue to facilitate private fee-for-service cremation of animals submitted for necropsy with completed WADDL necropsy and Animal Clinic & Hospital of Moscow cremation forms.
    • Cremation requests cannot be facilitated after the necropsy has been completed.
    • Post-necropsy remains for outside private cremation are limited to one 55 gallon bag (e.g. head, heart and hooves for a horse), and WADDL will dispose of the carcass remainder according to standard procedures.
    • The Animal Clinic & Hospital in Moscow, Idaho, will continue to charge the submitter directly for private cremation. 
  • For All Submissions: Please directly label the carcass or primary containment so we can match the carcass to the completed form. Please follow appropriate biosafety containment procedures.