(Serology, Virology, & BSE)Immunodiagnostics / Serology


The Immunodiagnostics section of WADDL, offers a wide variety of tests for health screening, regulatory testing for import/export, surveillance, certification and diagnostic purposes. Tests include measuring antibodies in blood serum or body fluids (Antibody Detection), by identifying infectious agent proteins (Antigen Detection) in host tissues, blood serum, or body fluids, or by isolation/detection in cell culture and electron microscopy (Virology/EM).

WADDL is fully accredited by the AAVLD and offers full diagnostic services including reasonably priced herd surveillance testing to assist in biosecurity decisions.

The Section is headed by Dr. Jim Evermann, PhD, Infectious Disease Specialist and a recognized expert with over 40 years experience.  Dr. Evermann's interests involve herd biosecurty of cattle, sheep, goats, horses and zoo animals.  The section has a dedicated and experienced staff of 4 Microbiologists, 1 Scientific Assistant and a Lab Manager.  Additionally, there are 3 Microbiology Residents in training who offer an array of expertise and additional resources for consultation.

Along with the expertise within WADDL, we collaborate with faculty members within the College of Veterinary Medicine on new and novel infectious agents.  Other departments include the Field Disease Investigative Unit, School for Global Animal Health and the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology.  Additionally, we work together with practicing veterinarians and commercial laboratories on new test development and validation.

Available procedures and prices can be accessed in the WADDL Web Test Search Tool.  Type in "serology" and click on Search.

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