Lab Sections

WADDL Lab Sections

WADDL is a full-service public laboratory accredited through the AAVLD and able to perform testing on most animal species. 

The main laboratory is located in Pullman WA within the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University.  We have a branch lab located in Puyallup on the western side of the state specializing in Avian Health and Food Safety.

As a full-service laboratory, we have 10 testing sections located in Pullman along with our administrative services to provide nearly all of your diagnostic testing needs. WADDL also partners with the University of Idaho Analytical Sciences Laboratory to provide Veterinary Toxicology testing and clinical interpretation.

Aquatic Health & Certification
Immunodiagnostics (Serology, Virology, & BSE)
Molecular Diagnostics (PCR)
Administrative Services
     Business Office
     IT Services
     Sample Receiving
     Quality Control & Assurance

 It is the preference of the Laboratory to work through local veterinarians since they can evaluate on-site client-producer animal health problems and identify those problems requiring laboratory assistance. Materials should be submitted to WADDL by or at the direction of the practitioner. Results of examinations, tests, and analyses will be returned to the practitioner for consideration in formulating a final diagnosis and recommending a science-based course of action for treatment and control of the animal health problems identified by laboratory testing. The laboratory can only serve as an aid to the diagnosis and should not be used as a substitute for good clinical examinations and evaluation by a licensed veterinarian.


Please email us at or call on us at (509) 335-9696 whenever you need information. You may have questions about interpreting test results or proper sampling to assist in disease investigations.  If you need assistance with avian/poultry questions or food testing, please call our branch lab in Puyallup at (253) 445-4537.   We welcome the opportunity to assist you.