AHFSL Available Tests

effective September 1, 2016.

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    Outside lab handling fee
    Fed Ex delivery charge (under 3 lbs.)
    Fed Ex delivery charge (over 3 lbs.)
    Testing for export


    Gross Necropsy (avian, poultry, rabbit)
    Histopathology on Necropsy


    Avian Influenza ELISA
    Avian Encephalitis ELISA
    Mycoplasma synoviae ELISA
    Infectious Bronchitis (IB)
    Infectious Bursal Disease (IBDV)
    Newcastle Disease (NDV)
    Reovirus infection – viral arthritis (REO)
    AGID (Agar Gel Immunodiffusion)
    Avian Influenza (AI) - from serum (blood)
    Egg Yolk Extraction                                                                               
    HI (Hemagglutination Inhibition)
    Newcastle Disease (NDV)
    Plate Agglutination (MG, MS, MM, S. Pullorum/typhoid)
    Microtiter confirmation for positive agglutination
    (BAPA, Rivanol, Complement Fixation)
         *Species tested are cattle, goats, and cervids


    Aerobic Culture
    Anaerobic Culture
    Mycology Culture (Aspergillus, other fungus)
    Salmonella (from tissue or fluff)
    Salmonella  (group D & SE), FDA and NPIP methods
    Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
    Fluff total bacterial counts
    Fluff total fungal spore counts


    Virus isolation (SPF embryos, includes up to 3 passages)


    Fecal Float
    Coccidiosis evaluation

    Food Safety

    Aerobic plate count, food
    Anaerobic plate count, food
    Bacillus cereus
    Campylobacter sp.
    Coliform count
    High Sensitivity Coliform count
    E.coli, O157:H7
    E.coli, O157:H7 - Robust procedure
    Generic E. coli count
    Listeria sp.
    Listeria monocytogenes
    pH of food sample
    Salmonella sp.
    Staphylococcus aureus

    Molecular Diagnostics

    PCR Tests for Avian Pathogens
    Avian influenza*
    Avian paramyxovirus (Newcastle's Disease)*
    Chicken Anemia Virus
    Chlamydiophila psittaci
    Circo Virus (pigeon)
    Infectious Bronchitis Virus
    Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
    Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus (ILT)
    Mycoplasma gallisepticum  & M. synoviae
    Pacheco’s Disease Herpesvirus
    Polyoma Virus (psittacine)
    Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease (PBFD)
    Other PCR Tests
    Avian Sex Determination
         *USDA-APHIS Program testing


    Toxicology testing is conducted at the University of Idaho Analytical Sciences Laboratory. Additional analyses including comprehensive plant, water, soil and environmental analytic services are available. Inquiries concerning toxicology testing should be made directly to the toxicology laboratory (208) 885-7081.