College of Veterinary Medicine

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab

Common Immunodiagnostics Goat/Sheep Testing & Schedule


Day sample must arrive in lab to make the next run

Day performed

Results typically available (Pacific Time)

Small Ruminant Lentivirus (CAE/OPP) Wednesday Thursday Friday (late afternoon)
Small Ruminant Johne's Monday for Tuesday testing, Wednesday for Thursday testing. Tuesdays & Thursdays Friday (late afternoon)
CL Wednesday (morning) Wednesday Friday (late afternoon)
Q-fever Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday (late afternoon)
Brucella Tuesday for Wednesday testing, Thursday for Friday testing Wednesday & Friday late afternoon day of testing
Pregnancy Thursday Friday Friday (late afternoon)

For a complete list of available tests, testing schedule, specimen types, and prices please go to our Web Test Search Tool and type in the test name or "serology".

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