UPDATE 12/1/23: Potential unidentified canine respiratory disease

Update 12/1/23: State vets office gives update on canine respiratory disease

A total of 16 reports from veterinarians have been submitted to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) concerning atypical Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC), according WSDA. Of those 16 reports, two cases have met what Washington considers an atypical CIRDC case. The two confirmed (Snohomish and Clark counties) cases are recovering.

Read more on WSDA AgBriefs blog on this developing illness.

11/20/23: There are recent reports of canine respiratory disease cases from across the country which has yet to be fully characterized. WADDL is working with state and federal agencies to keep up to date on any reports of unusual respiratory disease occurrences and will work with the WSDA to update the public. The Washington State Veterinarian is encouraging owners to take extra precautions and avoid areas where dog congregate. If they must be in a congregate setting, please talk with your veterinarian about appropriate additional vaccinations if recommended. Veterinarians are encouraged to report high morbidity or mortality events through the WSDA online reporting tool (Reportable Diseases | Washington State Department of Agriculture).

Currently, there are no reports of concern in Washington State.

For the latest updates on this disease, please visit WSDA’s latest news at https://agr.wa.gov/.